Watch “The Secret Life of The American Teenage” from YouTube. At least an excerpts…

Last updated on July 20th, 2013 at 04:22 pm

You may want to catch up with the latest episode of “The Secret Life of The American Teenage“. But hack!, you have to work over-time, to earn the extra pocket money. So the solution is to automate your TV recorder and watch it later when you get back home.

At times, all this prearrange effort may come to nought, because of wrong settings, timing, or technical glitches on the recording device. Probably, you have to read the thick manual on how-to, troubleshooting, Q & A topics…..

Nah!.. That takes time, you not going to do that.

Alternatively, you may want to watch The Secret Life of The American Teenageon YouTube, at least an excerpts of the entire episode. And this is what I’m doing.

Well, at least that is good enough to keep me going on the next day to social and discuss with friends about what happened to Amy Juergens, Ashley Juergens or Benjamin “Ben” Boykewich.

You hook on to the internet and start to search in YouTube for the latest “The Secret Life of The American Teenage, Season 3“. The video results turned out to be uploaded 1 year ago! Sometime, the smart search tool may give you the latest video uploaded 4 hours ago. And that is the latest episode, or perhaps not.. Its another erroneous search result..

Don’t give up! Try the YouTube “Search Options” located at the top left corner of your search result page. The fonts size are small, will find it if you look at the YouTube logo at top left corner.

This feature YouTube “Search Options” from has been around for long time, until recently I started to use it more frequently. Nothing new, but a very useful optional feature.

Now the search has become smarter, accustomed to your specific request. By default, YouTube “Search Options” is collapsed (hidden), and require user to expand the feature.

Expand it by clicking the down arrow, which is next to YouTube “Search Options”. You will see the menu breakdown into this few groups:-

  1. Result type:
  2. Sort by:
  3. Upload date:
  4. Categories:
  5. Duration:
  6. Features:

Quickest of all to get the real-time search result is to Sort By: Upload date.

All other options are based on one’s preference and requirement. No assurance that result is free from error. So pick the right video to watch. The options and latest search results are all there.

Below I have attached 2 screenshot on the feature of this “Search Options“. With and without defining search option, “Sort By: Upload date”

The obvious differences includes:-

  • When the video was uploaded, 6 months or 1 year, etc.
  • Number of visitors who have watch the video uploaded.