To Include Digital Art for Social Blogging

Last updated on August 24th, 2013 at 02:41 pm

Never have I made any attempt to blog about digital art from various selective artists and designers. There are interesting creativity to learn from. The idea of including digital art into the category of topics was only recently.

Today’s technology of internet brings the world closer to each other. Hence, social networking has inextricably intertwined those creative and inspiring talents in the world wide web community.Writings

Contribution and sharing are important factors to drive social blogging. And I think that is the crux of the subject-matter encircling in all my blogs.

Months ago, I’ve written some art posts from few new artists around the world. I have published them in my self-hosted blogs.

Their artworks range from portrait paintings to photography, and abstract art to color paintings.

It’s my honorable pleasure to receive the given opportunity from those artists who entrusted my earnest contribution for them. Their positive confidence on my content-writing is, thus, the most vital step to make two hands to clap.

No talented artists want to have their reputation tarnished by some online strangers who ended up messing their original works.

In return, there are generous to share my contributed post in their social network pages and profile.

These simple gestures exchanges a friendly closure for social blogging for their artwork.

Likewise, in this blog that has been talking about social blogging, would also want to allocate future written-post for selective works of digital art illustrated by visual artists and graphic designers.

Photo images, Credit Flickr member: deathtiny42 (Brice Ambrosiak)