Last updated on August 25th, 2017 at 01:54 pm

A short post about WP Theme and its design.

WordPress Default Themes

The simplicity of this WordPress default theme has its good reason to reside here, as well as, other niche-interest blogs of mine.

Do I ever owned a purchased theme which look more professional?

Yes, but for once.

Based on my humble experience for using WordPress since 2009, I realized a purchased theme isn’t as perfect as one idealized to be.

Don’t get me wrong. There are many beautifully designed good themes out in the market.

It just a matter of prioritizing between content creation and technical improvement of your blog.

To build a website, having a bare minimum of technical know-how is essentially important. Such as styling of website by tweaking certain code lines to change text fonts, border width, colors, indentation, configuration, etc.

At times, there are inevitable changes need to be done to present cosmetically nicer. Not to forget for every change made, I have to repeat it on every blog I owned.

Uniformity is good, but repeatability is time consuming and tedious.

If one purpose to produce more content, the technical aspect of beautifying the website should a secondary task.

As much as I could, weighing both as 80% content generation and 20% technical know-how.

Therefore, I do hope to channel all my time on publishing content rather than being too technical on code editing.

With that resolution, I honestly have to say it has been a good learning curve to be an all-rounder, especially between a webmaster and social blogger.

My preference for WP Theme.

Minimal lightweight design, interface plasticity, simple clean look, retina-friendly, white background and good readability of the beautiful sans-serif typeface.

A community of theme developers to support help is pretty much important.

All in all, web design should be simple. The default WordPress theme is my preferred choice.

Save all the precious time on writing and editing of content.