Sinkhole in Guatemala City; Surreal, Photoshop or Superimposed?

Last updated on July 20th, 2013 at 04:29 pm

Leonardo da Vinci, beside recognized as a well-known Renaissance painter, has also regarded as an inventor of his time. His plans for flying machine was fascinated by the phenomenon of flight, most were impractical though.

To certain extend, I supposed his innovative ideas drafted out on paper, had given a good foresight to Wright brothers, who later invented world’s first airplane.

So has any old master artist predicted sinkhole in Guatemala City? None I have thought of, had portended in their paintings for the recent damage left by Tropical storm “Agatha”. Perhaps, Salvador Dali could have possibly produce oil paintings in his surrealist work, showing some foretell signs of the opening of sinkhole.

An aerial view of the sinkhole was not edited or superimposed by Photoshop.

Absolutely not! That’s real bizarre! It looks so surreal and scary. Perfectly round and deep despite concrete and steel structures… almost as though it was photoshopped.

Sinkhole in Guatemala City, aftermath of tropical storm "Agatha", 2010
Sinkhole in Guatemala City, aftermath of tropical storm "Agatha", 2010