Sharing an Idea, the Basis of Blogging

Like many in the same situation, I always try hard to squeeze out a few simple words on a blog post. It’s like what you have read to this last word here.

Writer’s block is a creativity sinkhole with bottomless depth of emptiness.

Blogging is not as addictive as social media. You name it. Snapchat, Instagram or Periscope.

Twitter is considered a micro blog of 140 characters.

If blogging is addictive, discipline to write would not be much of a problem. Bet others think likewise.

Writing is to express one’s thoughts into readable text. But if nothing’s written, that doesn’t mean its empty or void.

Getting to the foundation of blogging is to share an idea. I think that is the basis of blogging. More exactly, a tiny voice of oneself and not imitating others.

By sharing an idea, it also mean the process of learning prior to sharing.

Stream of consciousness.

Train of thoughts.