Looking for Useful Proxy Listings for Facebook Users

Last updated on July 20th, 2013 at 04:26 pm

It is truly possible, no installation program is required to setup a proxy, so that one can login to Facebook without issues.

Login to Facebook using proxy does extensively help many users to easily access the popular social media, especially when facebook is blocked in some countries.

Among many posts I have written and published in this blog, this particular one has come to my attention that I need to further clarify the purpose of it.

If you are googling for keywords like “facebook login proxy”, you bound to receive search results of my blog with this specific post. Yet, one may not find a definite solution after reading in. The proxy Address and Port on the print screen has failed to function.

The purpose of that post is to provide a guide on How-to setup, and not What-in Facebook proxy. I have received friendly anonymous mails asking me for proxy list. As a typical facebook user, just like many geeks out there, I find my proxy address using search.

Some websites do provide free listings, however, some tag along with a premier cost. Well, that is fair enough to reason as: if one pay peanuts, one will get monkeys.

For coming weeks, I will be sharing some good sites which provide proxy listings.

Any of the sites you are using and want to recommend?