List of Anonymous Web Proxies (Mostly Free!)

Last updated on July 20th, 2013 at 04:28 pm

Here is a post, much related to Anonymous Web Proxy.

A friend of mine has called me this morning, questioning on why am I not given a list of Anonymous Web Proxies that I have posted 2 days ago. Well, I have just given as an example, and also as a temporary solution to unblock and access to anonymously.

In fact, one of the visitors was very helpful to provide a better web proxy in his comment.

Anonymous Web Proxies
Anonymous Web Proxies

Before I share with the rest of the readers on more Anonymous Web Proxy, (especially for those with great concern on accessing, I would like to explain a little more about Anonymous Web Proxy.

What Is Anonymous Web Proxy?
Web proxy will hide your IP address from the source website whilst allowing internet surfers the opportunity to anonymously surf their favorite websites, without altering any configuration of the browser, e.g Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

How Anonymous Web Proxy works?
As you surf through the proxy website, request sent will be carried forward bypassing its given server as a buffer. It then download the requested web pages and files, and re-forward them back to the user.

There are too many web proxies that one can use. There are free and pay services. Some provide continuous popping of annoying ads, as you surf through their web. There are also slow and traffic-congested web proxies. Usually, pay service will provide a faster and secure browsing.

So the questions are where is the list of web proxies? Are their status checked? and How many days has it been up and running?

I don’t have any recommendation of a good web proxy. However, here is a how-to on choosing the better ones.
Try surfing to below link to gain more choices of getting a newer web proxies.
There are hundreds of them for you to choose and try it out. It is frequently updated and checked on its working status.

On one important note, any surfers who use web proxies, always log in to using the safer connection. i.e. Secure browsing (“https”) protocol.

If the web proxy fails to surf you the web page, it just meant there don’t support (“https”) protocol. Skip and try another web proxy.