How To Select Proxy Address

Last updated on July 2nd, 2012 at 06:05 pm

There are endless numbers of proxy address available as free. I often use to login facebook while traveling in Vietnam.  Before we proceed to the free proxy list, I will have to share with you the basic of how to select proxy address.

Proxy Server, Basic concept

Proxy Address is a numeric label assigned as an intermediary gate to the desired website u be visiting. This label also called proxy server used for settings described here.

Choosing the proxy address can be determine by 3 basic filtering components. Namely, proxy type, proxy port, and proxy country.

Below technically describe the terms.

    1. Proxy Type ~
      • The level of anonymity for user. There are:-
        • Non-anonymous proxy server. For casual surfing of webpages. Example: Google search.
        • Anonymous proxy server. With certain degree of anonymity for web surfing. Example: Facebook Login.
        • Highly Anonymous proxy. Highly secured and for elite user. Example: Yahoo mail login.
    2. Proxy Port ~
      • Act as a listening channel to consolidate all internet request. Both proxy port and proxy address work in pairs, relying on each other to function or connect properly.
      • Most common proxy port is 8080, supporting web address with protocol beginning with “http://www…” and “https://www…”. The latter protocol is SSL; short for Secured Sockets Layer, a protocol for encrypting information over the Internet.
    3. Proxy Country ~
      • Location of proxy server. For example: If your physical location is in Vietnam, you might one to choose a proxy address located in Germany or United States. Virtually, you are also identify as one surfing from that chosen location. No concern if you don’t have any particular preference.
      • However, the security of Facebook Login will detect your login as an unidentified user of different country. Do not panic, just login and answer all the security questions by Facebook.

Here is another simple way of explaining above terms.

Let say you are an online seller.  You have to deliver the successfully sold item to your buyer by the chosen courier service. Or you could be a wholeseller delivering branded goods to supplier (intermediary gate) who later distribute (serve) to his customers living in smaller towns. Product could metaphorically refer to sending your internet requests as a package.

Before delivering your product to supplier’s address (Proxy Address), you need to know:-

  1. the province or country (Proxy Country) of the buyer’s residency you are sending to, and
  2. the shipping port (Proxy Port), airport, seaport or post office to consolidate all incoming goods.
  3. the degree of securing the product (Proxy Type). E.g. special packing, registered-article or just a simple plain mail.

Once you understand these 3 basic requirements, you may proceed to select your own proxy address that works for Facebook Login.

Here is the link for recommended free proxy listings:

Try filtering the 3 components to search for the desired proxy address usable in Facebook Login.

Free Proxy List
Free Proxy List