How to Delete Facebook Cover Photos from Albums

Last updated on July 20th, 2013 at 04:17 pm

How to delete Facebook Cover Photos from your albums.

  1. Log in to Facebook, as what 800 million users always do.
  2. Click on to your Facebook‘s profile page.
  3. Continue to click on to “Photos” to see all your favorite albums.
  4. Select any of your photo albums, except “Cover Photos
  5. Proceed to click on “Edit Album”.
  6. Do nothing, but to take down the URL. It should have series of numbers, just like below sample URL
  7. Go back to photo albums and select your “Cover Photos“. It will show somewhat similar URL as above, except the differences of numbers underlined in sample URL.
  8. Copy the set of numbers after “/a.” of sample URL. Probably 15 digits.
  9. Paste the set of numbers to modify the URLyou have taken down. Examples below.
  10. Again, copy-paste the newly modified URL and surf to the designated page from your web browser.
  11. Familiar page of “Edit Album” appears.
  12. Select and delete the unwanted photo/image as below screenshot showing
delete photos from facebook cover photos
delete photos from facebook cover photos