Alternatives for facebook Login?

Last updated on February 12th, 2013 at 01:56 pm

I was just wondering on the ‘silence’ of my last post 3 days ago. No comments on the outcome of using anonymous web proxy to login to Facebook.

Alternatives for Facebook Login
Alternatives for Facebook Login

Nevertheless, that kinda of ‘quiet response’ is not surprising, since anonymous web proxies are abundant all over world wide web. Free and pay services. I use that as my temporary alternatives for logging to Facebook, still not the best, though.

For the past few days, I have been enjoying my time accessing to Facebook with ease, occasionally, slower speed in bandwidth. That newer way of logging in doesn’t border me much, as long as it meets the 3 most important aspects of internet surfing. (Based on an occasional surfer, or Facebook’s Addict)

  1. Securitythe capability to reduce potential risk of break-ins for computer internet accounts and personal details by cyber theft. (See the difference of words between ‘cyber’ and ‘cyper’, its affect the image of my web address significantly, as in No criminal act on this blog, I’m trying to convey)
  2. Privacythe ability to control what information one reveals about oneself over the Internet, and to control who can access that information. (No website is always safe, however, with a controlled process to achieve a certain degree of privacy)
  3. Anonymitythe subtlety to ensure transmitting of internet information with considerable assurance of one’s identify not being revealed publicly. (This only 99% guaranteed since IP addresses, in principle, can be tracked)

So How is it going at your end? Found any Alternatives for facebook Login?

2 Replies to “Alternatives for facebook Login?”

  1. I’ve tried to use kproxy. But for some reason the website keeps reloading. Another good web proxy I’ve used for a few days while located in Hue and Nha Trang is

    I think you have to be careful with the web proxies. Facebook had temporarily disabled my account
    Because of odd behavior and didn’t recognized the location.

    1. @Chinkone, I have encountered the same. It can’t read Facebook mails and chat. I use kproxy merely for the “https://” protocol support.
      Thanks for your sharing your feedback on the temporarily disable of facebook account. Its makes sense with Facebook being automated to detect odd behavior.

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