Have been staying here for almost 10 day…

Last updated on February 9th, 2012 at 06:16 pm

Have been staying here for almost 10 days. The room that Im staying has been very good. Accept for 2 missing items that are essential to my daily needs.
First was the supply of water hasn’t been very good. At times, I have water shortage, or low supply. To the extend that the wash room is only good for brushing my teeth at the basin, and not for shower. That doesn’t deter me from changing to other hotel with better facilities. No surprise if I encounter the same situation again. To solved this, I just go to other rooms to have my shower, and it is not frequent.
Second, the wireless router for the main internet is 15 meters away from my room. The signal that Im getting was too weak for me to surf the net. In the beginning, Im able to accept the weak signal, cos wifi from other hotel is available.. Net surfing was slightly improved, however, still able to get disconnection occasionally.
An for now, my second source of internet has been getting weaker and weaker. I just feel like leaving and go back to the first hotel that im staying. Fortunately, I have my third source of wifi to get connected again. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be blogging this.
I do have concern of how long my third source of WiFi is going to last… If everything getting worse, than I better decide to leave this place. Eventually, internet connection is my primary requirement.

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