Facebook, Twitter, Are There Blogs

Last updated on August 24th, 2013 at 02:42 pm

Facebook status and Twitter posts, almost every online socialites knows about it.

But Facebook and Twitter, are there blogs?

Do you relate online written-content as blogs? For examples, interesting articles or journals from online magazines, there certainly enrich your knowledge to great extent as you read them. (I’m also saying, please read mine too.)

If you relate ‘blog‘ as ‘journal’, and”re-tweet’ as ‘share‘, it’s all seems to make adequate sense to annotate blogging is also about sharing.

Blogging Sharing

I maybe correct to say that and will try to further clarify.

In English language, the universal fact is that the word, ‘share‘, can be a noun or a verb.

That is an absolutely versatile English word everyone can agree with.

But these words, ‘journal’ and ‘blog’ are not a verb; both are indeed nouns.

And how on earth does the word ‘re-tweet’ appear in our online jargon or netlingo, that has almost used it as an action verb.

The question is could we relate a noun to a verb?

Honestly, I don’t know the answer and don’t have that profound insights or linguistic talent to elaborate on these.

Aw! Just name me as a rookie!

Like most online writers, I guess there have make it a norm to verbify these 3 magical words; ‘journal’ and ‘re-tweet’, including ‘blog’.

I re-quote,

relate ‘blog‘ as ‘journal’, and”re-tweet’ as ‘share‘.

Neither am I trying to be an English educator, nor to formulate some complex mathematical equations of relativity.

I think it also doesn’t require one with prestigious profession in academia to understand this.

If ‘journal’ is equivalent to ‘re-tweet’, then blogging is about sharing socially.

Speaking Greek? Or Eureka!?

No. Not at all.

Well, it’s just that plain simple to understanding.

Blogging is sharing. Likewise, sharing is also blogging.

There could be labels synonymous with everything stylishly correct. 

So if you share your status in Facebook or in your Tweeter, you are actually blogging.

Facebook and Twitter are blogging activities in the microsphere of your social networking friends.

Generally, the purpose of blogging is to collectively journal all your favorite events in the social web, with value-add to benefit others who read your shared content.

As much as I have learnt from the elite bloggers, written-content or photograph images are most popular way of sharing your post. Creativity writings is the keyword.

Here is how Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English has comprehensively defined “journal“:

  1. a serious magazine produced for professional people or those with a particular interest.
    • For example, our daily newspaper, Wall Street Journal
  2. a written record that you make of the things that happen to you each day
    • For example, a personal dairy

To conclude, Facebook and Twitter are blogs, specifically targeting on short-post blogging.

So what are their differences from the major blogging platform such as WordPress, Google’s Blogger, Tumblr, and even the up-trending Pinterest?