Facebook Phishing Scams, Are You One of The Victims?

Last updated on July 20th, 2013 at 04:27 pm

Facebook phishing scams have been increasing day by day. Are you one of the victims from the popular social websites?

Facebook phishing scams spread like wild fire, constantly attempting to acquire user’s passwords and facebook login identifications. Facebook phishing is one of the classic hacking that most attackers steal your passwords.

Another notorious method is by using keylogger, which I’m not going to elaborate more on this now. (Perhaps, for future post by popular demands or more comments.)

At times, I feel thankful for my shrewdness when it comes to internet security. I wouldn’t say I’m very good at it, however, I just can’t tolerate such a nuisance being played through lame tricks on innocent facebook users.

I was once a victim. So now… here comes the saint to describe:-

  • How Facebook phishing scams works. And
  • How the victim can solve this problem for further prevention.

Below using one of the recently Facebook phishing scams to explain the steps.

Facebook Private Message, Phishing
Facebook Private Message, Phishing
  1. Chat box appears in your favorite Facebook login browser.
  2. Message are usually short, captivating, alluring and sensational, such as “hey lol check out this girl, she I cant believe this video….”. (Frankly speaking, this English message is so much worse than mine.)
  3. On the same message or another, it will show an unknown URL link, or it can be shortened by bit.ly. Within a few seconds, sender goes offline without saying ‘goodbye’ to you. No matter how obscure the link is… DON’T click on it. If you do, please read on…
  4. The unknown URL link will bring you to a new website. Sometimes, directing user with 2 or 3 times before arriving to attacker’s website. Below showing facebook login box almost the same as the Official Facebook login page.
  5. Do click on this link http://facebook.com/login.php to do a comparison from the faked Facebook login page
  6. Any new users or occasional internet surfer, would have already login to that unknown link without noticing any differences. If you examine closely, there is an additional  message, smaller in font size, captivating your attention that further entrap your innocent enthusiasm to find out more info.
  7. At this immediate point of login, victim’s password and username has already sent to the sly phisher by means of emailing or by any form of internet communication that document the critical detail.
  8. You wouldn’t know its happening. That’s the trick of Facebook phishing. So what’s next?
  9. Either by automated or manual, attacker uses your information to login, and apply the same tactics to pass the unknown link to another user from your friend’s list. At times, new link may be created, depending on attacker’s ultimate intention.
  10. As good friends in your list whom has chat and entrusted, there will login to repeat the process of Step 1 from this post. It continue to spread virally in this silent manner.

Passing messages are done without your acknowledgement. Therefore, friends in your list are important to make you aware by informing you.

The solution: Most basic remedy is to change your password immediately.

That is the best and proven solution for any users to cripple the capability of Facebook phishing from login to your facebook without you knowing.

I hope I have clearly explained how Facebook phishing scams works, and the remedy are simple.

Have you encountered similar facebook phishing scams like the above?

What else has deteriorated into a more severe outcome? And how do you solved the problem?

Or have you lost confident on social website like Facebook.com?