Facebook Login; Using Free Proxy Server or Paid Services?

Last updated on July 20th, 2013 at 04:26 pm

Proxy server that are often without maintenance, may encounter frequent network issues, such as poor connectivity. For most users, good proxy servers don’t consider connectivity issue as a major issues. For others, however, reliability and secured proxy server serve the utmost priority.

If proxy server is a gateway that you can use to login to Facebook, then it should be reliable to produce consistency in network connectivity, plus secured usage.

Technically speaking, when one owns a proxy server, he is also leasing a private line from a reputable service provider. Most cooperate companies and Asian travelers will purchase their own private proxy server. No doubt an amount of fee is incurred upon downloading the programs.Facebook Login Proxy

As ordinary web user like us, we may be more interested to have free proxy server, instead.

I’m sure there are many free proxy servers exist. On one note, you may have to compromise on the poor quality of this free stuff, in terms of speed and connectivity, but not giving up on the basic internet security. Password and content is your privacy, don’t you agree?

Since it’s a free proxy server, who will border to maintain and perform quality tests?

All these maintenance are beyond most web user’s capability. After all, we only want to login to Facebook to share with friends our traveling photos, status or catch up with our love ones.

Are you in the dilemma? If so, do you understand the basic difference between paid and free proxy server?

When you purchase a service from a private proxy server, those paid amount goes to the programmers, technical supports and maintenance team, whom has worked hard for you to keep their servers up and running at all time.

You are the customer; you pay them to deliver the service to you. At the peace of your mind, these experts dutifully perform their task. As simple as that.

So do I still recommend using free proxy server?

In my opinion, its about the choice from web user. If you are earning some incomes from Facebook or Twitter as a internet marketers, by all means, engage the service. Just pay a small fee to the service providers to maintained the proxy server for you. Generally, It will be more productive to channel your focus on gaining profit earnings

Or do you choose to spend time tweaking on configuration tools and proxy settings?


Oh,, you are not on business purpose? No income to pay the service? Just want to login to Facebook? Students looking for freebies? (whom I used to be in my early days.).


Perhaps, a Facebook fanatic wouldn’t mind forking out some cash to do it.

Certainly, as students, this situation is understandable to sympathies about paying for a proxy server. You are only a temporary users, wanting to social with friends online.

Frankly speaking, it’s a pain in the ass, especially for backpackers traveling to China or Vietnam. Facebook login is almost impossible without a proxy server.

Below is an excerpt that I have read from a traveling blog.

I can’t get onto Facebook here (China), I could if I download some program which will cost me £5 , which will then direct me to an outside server but to be honest I am not missing Facebook that much so I have no way to answer your messages.

To most internet social addicts, saying that you are not missing Facebook is a perfectly perfect white lie. (Joke aside.)

First of all, to every web users reading this post. Getting a free proxy server by your own is not at all difficult. It may be a bit of bother for searching and updating it frequently.

As a novice traveller in Asia countries, I have successfully log into Facebook using free proxy server is possible.

Till next blog, I shall be sharing on How to search for free proxy server. How to use them, identifying the right and secured server. And some basic technical terms that is explained in simple meaning.