A Typical New Blogger, Or Blogger Wannabe?

Last updated on September 12th, 2013 at 02:57 pm

Wake up in the morning, feeling drowsy with a bad hangover after yesterday’s Christmas party. Yet, wanting to write a new blog and get it posted on my self-hosted domain.

After much reluctant decision, I finally managed to hook on to the internet and log in to my wordpress. One weblog that post least often, perhaps once every quarters of the year.

Hovering the mouse pointer and click for “Updates” on the left menu of my blog, checking to ensure there are well maintained with latest plug-ins.

Click on to the “Comments”, if there are any new ones that requires approval. (New blogs has the most spams, and a few genuine ones).

Well, what we got here is one comment from my dearest mom, the other from the new girl next door whom we met last week, and third one from my girlfriend who forever nags at me “When are you going to get a real job?

And now, Im ready to start composing my new post. Wondering for a while, what should be the topic of the day.

Hang on, I probably need to log on to Facebook to check for updates as well. Surfing around and social with new friends.. 2 hours passed, and not single words has been typed in my blog.

What’s next comes after Facebook is Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, newsletters, RSS feeds, some forums post to catch up, yada, yada, yada..

At the end of the day, nothing is completed and this plan never work out.

Haven’t I told myself to be more discipline in writing more content in blog? I meant, this could probably refer to any new bloggers too.

It seems that the best way to spend a day fruitful and be seriously compose your blog, is to stay away from interent access. Get it offline. At least for the 4 hours a day. But how does it works, without logging into your self-hosted wordpress?

The recommendation is to use a Weblog Client. Some term it as Offline Blog Editor.

The main purpose is to let you compose, draft and publish the blog from your desktop. Beside the need for internet access to publish, the preparatory work can be offline.

Right now, for the first-time posting using QTM, the open-source blogging client. It is cabpable of composing, formating and submitting blog entries to a weblog.

It support self-hosted domains, it also works for wordpress.com. QTM is cross-platform, therefore, an advantage for linux users.

As compared to other weblog clients, there are only gives 30-days trial or limited features, however, QTM is totally free.

There are features that need to try it out to see if its cater to the minimum requirement of basic blogging offline.

QTM Blog Editor, Weblog Client, Screenshot
QTM Blog Editor, Weblog Client, Screenshot