Blogging, Inappropriate and Aimless

blogging, inappropriate and aimless

Last updated on August 27th, 2013 at 02:41 pm

I started since November 2009. More than 2.5 years of blogging at an amazingly leisure pace.

Published to a total of nearing 190 posts, seem like having been through a long haul! In short, it’s awesome!

blogging, inappropriate and aimless

First ever post by WordPress, none other than “Hello World!“, still exist in the monthly archives.

I’m keeping it faithfully to date the birth this blog.

As I browse all the posts by Tags and Category, never have I realized that over 90 publications were inappropriate and aimless.

A thorough spring cleaning would possibly and probably wipe out all the old meaningless posts.

Those are mostly tweets-alike status, not blogging.

No quality content. Some are more than 140 characters, though.

How disappointing and a major shortfall in my creative content-writing.

Pretty mediocre blogging, then.

Anyhow, I did trash them away, without looking back.

Keeping rightfully the only post, “Hello World!” and embracing a better hindsight on the purpose of my blog.

There is no better words to define my older posts, therefore, “inappropriate and aimless” are best-fit. That’s the English vocabulary words I can think of, at least in layman’s term.

On the contrary, I shall not explain how not to be inappropriate and aimless for blogging. There are many successful bloggers to demonstrate on this.

Perhaps, reserving it for guest blogger would be great in the future post.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

Get it right in the first place to ‘cordon off‘ the ambiguity, before starting drifting away to the vague wilderness.

What is inappropriate and aimless blogging? To put it simply,


  1. does not necessarily refer behavioral aspect, such as offensive by use of profanity.
  2. wrong information on specific circumstances. Example, “I killed a black ant while diving in underwater”
  3. irrelevant to blogging theme or mission. i.e. Social Blogging “Now I Know, so I Blog”


  1. without a defined purpose or clear direction.
  2. no objective for achieving goals by working hard.
  3. shiftless and stray; not align to objectives of this blog.

What else can better explain with this two words?

I have drawn a clear line on the above, so that one will not cross over the boundaries of meaningless blogging.

No preventive measures to ascertain right tracking. Just be intuitive and creative.

To expound on the topic of defining blogging goal, as the case maybe, do consider guest blogging.

I don’t like formal gardens. I like wild nature.

It’s just the wilderness instinct in me, I guess.

~ Walt Disney

Have been staying here for almost 10 day…

Last updated on February 9th, 2012 at 06:16 pm

Have been staying here for almost 10 days. The room that Im staying has been very good. Accept for 2 missing items that are essential to my daily needs.
First was the supply of water hasn’t been very good. At times, I have water shortage, or low supply. To the extend that the wash room is only good for brushing my teeth at the basin, and not for shower. That doesn’t deter me from changing to other hotel with better facilities. No surprise if I encounter the same situation again. To solved this, I just go to other rooms to have my shower, and it is not frequent.
Second, the wireless router for the main internet is 15 meters away from my room. The signal that Im getting was too weak for me to surf the net. In the beginning, Im able to accept the weak signal, cos wifi from other hotel is available.. Net surfing was slightly improved, however, still able to get disconnection occasionally.
An for now, my second source of internet has been getting weaker and weaker. I just feel like leaving and go back to the first hotel that im staying. Fortunately, I have my third source of wifi to get connected again. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be blogging this.
I do have concern of how long my third source of WiFi is going to last… If everything getting worse, than I better decide to leave this place. Eventually, internet connection is my primary requirement.