Twitter Gets its New Look on April Fool’s Day

It’s April Fool’s day. This morning, I login to my Twitter account and discovered the brand new interface. User account and followers profile page are almost completely revamped.

After all this years on twitter with single column post, I wasn’t getting used to Twitter new look, especially, this happened on April Fool’s Day.

My immediate response was like “is this for real?(!), you must be joking!”.

It took me quite a while to finally realized I’m already using the new look.

The main columns of tweets has been presented in grid formats. On top of that format, it also featured with larger font’s size, which I think it might be a plus point for Twitter users with long sighted problems, and it does grab more attention for those perfect eyesight.

The retweet and reply remain the same. The profile description is shifted to the left columns, just above the photos gallery box and below your profile photo.

What has caught me with most interest is that, together with profile description, your joined date is also displayed therein. Perhaps, by popular demand to display the essentials and establishment date.

In general, every published post is viewed in grids, ranging from long banner type to square grids. Post with photos and youtube videos get the maximum space for much better attention.

The latter might have closely related to Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart, which recently described in Twitter’s blog as

“…the new industry standard for tracking and surfacing the conversation around music as it happens.”

It simply signaling to users theses particular type of post gets priority on post ranking.

And the new look is quite like in the way of 3-columns format for account user interface, and 4-columns format for your follower’s profile page.

Below sharing screenshot of Twitter new look from User Account page.

Columns to show Following of Twitter user
Columns to show Following of Twitter user
Twitter Follower Profile, New Look, @Susanjmccann
Twitter Follower Profile, New Look, @Susanjmccann
Image Post of frame size 4x3
Image Post of frame size 4×3
Twitter New Look, Photo Post Maximized
Twitter New Look, Photo Post Maximized
Twitter New Profile Look, Front Page
Twitter New Profile Look, Front Page
Sharing Twitter Post with Bigger Fonts iin Grids
Sharing Twitter Post with Bigger Fonts iin Grids

To Include Digital Art for Social Blogging


Never have I made any attempt to blog about digital art from various selective artists and designers. There are interesting creativity to learn from. The idea of including digital art into the category of topics was only recently.

Today’s technology of internet brings the world closer to each other. Hence, social networking has inextricably intertwined those creative and inspiring talents in the world wide web community.Writings

Contribution and sharing are important factors to drive social blogging. And I think that is the crux of the subject-matter encircling in all my blogs.

Months ago, I’ve written some art posts from few new artists around the world. I have published them in my self-hosted blogs.

Their artworks range from portrait paintings to photography, and abstract art to color paintings.

It’s my honorable pleasure to receive the given opportunity from those artists who entrusted my earnest contribution for them. Their positive confidence on my content-writing is, thus, the most vital step to make two hands to clap.

No talented artists want to have their reputation tarnished by some online strangers who ended up messing their original works.

In return, there are generous to share my contributed post in their social network pages and profile.

These simple gestures exchanges a friendly closure for social blogging for their artwork.

Likewise, in this blog that has been talking about social blogging, would also want to allocate future written-post for selective works of digital art illustrated by visual artists and graphic designers.

Photo images, Credit Flickr member: deathtiny42 (Brice Ambrosiak)

Untamed Unusual Unadjusted: My Best Shots

Untamed Mercedes

I have submitted my best shot to #Untamed project organized by Mercedes-Benz CLA. A competition dubbed as first digital photo exhibition of its kind.

Photos installed have to be from Instagram shot. As the website says,

“Show your most unusual Instagram photos live in Paris, and present your personal style.”

Untamed Mercedes

Live in Paris” has caught my attention, this motivated to join this competition. Sounds good to go.

#Untamed installation.

The process takes a while to accessing after submitting.

While I’m visualizing these judging panels will review my Instagram photos seriously, and do expecting it to last for 2 minutes.

However, the entire process merely takes no more than 20 secs.

Surprisingly, one of my shot received scores 81.

Scrolling through the album submitted by other instagram’s users, I noticed one of the post by Instagram’s user.

In particularly, a photo shot of an edible thing, famed for its King of Fruits.

Guess what? Its the phtotos of two durians scoring 89 points. The composition looks simple. Perhaps, too simple already.

Because of this shot, I’m puzzled how things work!

Untamed poster Cyperwin, Instagram
Untamed poster Cyperwin, Instagram

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