Practicing writing slowly and clean

Practicing writing slowly and clean to create handwriting fonts beautifully.

Pretty handwriting fonts can look like perfect calligraphy if one takes effort to slow down the pace.

Not scribble to spidery handwritings.

Writing slowly and clean apply to the Chinese calligraphy.

No athlete sprints in distant before learning to walk slowly to practice correct breathing technique.

Sometimes. it is not the physical agility or endurance but the patience to achieve perfection.

Patience is the virtue.

Video credit: Mimi Lotta.

Holding the pencil for cursive writing

Holding the pencil for cursive writing is similar to the finger grip of the single side of chopsticks.

The correct way applies the tripod holding technique. Position of pencil on your writing hand stays at about 45 degree to the paper.

The grip consists of the thumb, index and middle and is nearer to the writing tip.

In the contrary, chopsticks position is more upright. The hand holds near to the upper ends of the utensil.

Below sharing a video produced by NewAmericanCursive, describing how to hold the a writing pencil correctly.

The best way to improve cursive handwriting

The best way to improve cursive handwriting. There’s actually no faster way to master this beautiful handwriting.

Cursive writings are longhand scripting. Ordinary and manual handwritings using fountain pen. Not type or print.

OpenInkStand Art & Calligraphy gives the best tips on improvement my cursive writings.